Móveis Fenix


A solid team of 20 designers with years of experience. The viability of the idea lies at the heart of their commitment. The constant monitoring of the pieces, once in production, is also part of the job, thus ensuring the impeccability of the furniture: so it can be perfect in both execution and functionality.


Machining, Woodworking, Polishing, Assembly. Wood. Glass. Metal. Fabric. For all sectors, and all materials, the latest technology and the dedicated work of a team of carpenters with over 30 years of experience at Fenix. The entire structure contained in the factory’s 10,200m² aims to promote the best results for the most diverse finishing requirements.


As part of the Fenix experience, the installation process values care, agility and efficiency. Whether the final destination is within Brazil or any other country in America, the same team that assembles the furniture is responsible for its installation, thus supporting the attention to the specific details of each project, meeting the deadline, and ensuring clean and organized work.

Customer Support

Fenix is an extension of your business. From idea to execution, from construction to delivery, from installation to maintenance, the Fenix experience is the feeling that we take care of your brand as if it were our own: with the care, attention, agility and dedication that this requires. To this end, we maintain our own fleet, maintenance team, and an office in the United States to assist in the management of works in America.